Human Capital film premiere

By Soft Cage Films (other events)

Sunday, March 28 2021 6:30 PM 9:00 PM

As a result of the tireless efforts of our extensive post production team and with the generous support of the Screen Actors Guild, we bring you “Human Capital: A Tragedie in 3 Parts”!

"Human Capital" is an anthology of three short films, "Pilgrim" (2015), "Breaking" (2016), and "Mandala" (2017). This anthology follows three unlikely heroes, whose livelihoods are being eroded by labor technology. This anthology brings these films together as the unified vision they were originally intended to be for the very first time!

On Sunday March 28th, Human Capital will have its world premiere! This special event will feature a unique live musical performance by the film's composer, John Sutton, and his band.

Soft Cage is also proud to announce that the "Human Capital" soundtrack will be available on vinyl and as a digital download on March 28th.

The "Human Capital" anthology marks the end of an era at Soft Cage Films. Beginning in 2013, a core group of filmmakers produced three no-budget feature films: "Yellow", "Graffito", and "Human Capital". Over 300 artists worked on the "Human Capital" anthology over 5 years, often for little or no pay. Moving forward, we at Soft Cage Films are deepening our commitment to fully engaging the community, supporting artists and providing platforms for diverse, artistic voices who share our values.

Soft Cage Films is a radical, non-profit multimedia production company in Chicago. We make work that challenges oppressive systems, combats harmful narratives, and amplifies voices for progressive social change.

Soft Cage is actively challenging oppressive systems that have traditionally put up barriers to participation based on race, class, sex, gender, and immigration status. We seek to support artists by moving beyond transactional relationships, and contributing to the building of a community that uplifts and supports marginalized people. We value collaboration over competition. We emphasize an abundance mindset rather than one of scarcity. We are committed to transparency in all of our decision making. These are our guiding values.